How do you eat a cupcake?

Some people make a cupcake sandwich putting the bottom of the cake on top of the frosting. Others lick the frosting off first, then attack the cake. Personally, we like to use forks - we get less frosting on the tips of our noses that way.

No matter which way you eat them, we bet you have a smile on your face right before your first bite. At Cupcakes by M.E., our goal is to make that smile continue through the very last crumb.

We are a custom cupcake bakery with years of experience baking award-winning cupcakes and the frostings they're topped with. We use only the freshest, high-quality ingredients so you can be sure you're indulging in something delicious. Eggs, flour, sugar, butter, canola oil, natural flavorings. Fresh, locally-grown fruits and vegetables. Ingredients that come together to create something special.

We hope that you like what you see here. Call us for custom-made cupcakes for your party, wedding, shower or gathering. We'd love to see the smiles they'll bring to your face!

Cupcakes by M.E. proudly serves Central Pennsylvania.